Blog #24: The Real Reasons I’m Decluttering This Time

Littermate brothers, Seamus and Fingal, two furry reasons I’m motivated to make my living space more hospitable.

Yes, of course I want my home to be hospitable to visitors, and of course, I deserve an orderly, beautiful space in which to be at peace and live an orderly, beautiful life. More productive if I can find a pair of scissors, any one of the four pairs of scissors I know I own? Absolutely. And don’t get me started on how embarrassingly challenging it is to accomplish simple tasks when things seem to disappear as if by magic into the cushions, or behind a chair, or just into the ether. Yet it was not the desire for increased productivity, more inviting hospitality, less day-to-day, nor being tired of my continual game of “Hunt the Scissors” that launched me into the audacious task of working the Flylady System again during this month, this time hoping it would take.

It was quite simply the vision of Seamus, the shy silvery cat, rolling about in ecstasy on a large patch of emptied rug, with his paws splayed, and his whole body taut and stretched in a deliciously decadent way, that triggered this big, hairy reformation, Usually he and his brother, Fingal, the feisty orange cat, step carefully around heaps of laundry in my bedroom, or work their way forward tentatively over papers being sorted on the living room. I’ve watched Fingal carefully measure how far he will have to leap as he prepares to jump off my bed and over the craft supplies I left next to it..

Yes, I’m exploring changes in my housekeeping in order to make life easier for my cats. What can I say, they are very cute. And don’t we all sometimes find that looking out for the well-bring of another person or creature can inspire us to grow in unexpected ways? It’s working for me.

When I’m tempted to give up on the whole system, and just ignore the new routines, I’ll see Fingal mince his way around a couple of boxes, or Seamus run in terror when a pile of paper slides to the floor, and then I recommit to the rest of this month’s work. At least until a hairball appears in an unexpected place.Then I may have to find other reasons to work on the 31 Baby Steps beyond catering to the whims of those critters.

We are all motivated by different things. For whoever or whatever is motivating you to be your best self, give thanks!

Today's Prayer Poem:  Psalm 148 (NRSV)
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord from the heavens;
    praise him in the heights!
Praise him, all his angels;
    praise him, all his host!
Praise him, sun and moon;
    praise him, all you shining stars!
Praise him, you highest heavens,
    and you waters above the heavens!
Let them praise the name of the Lord,
    for he commanded and they were created.
He established them forever and ever;
    he fixed their bounds, which cannot be passed.[a]
Praise the Lord from the earth,
    you sea monsters and all deeps,
fire and hail, snow and frost,
    stormy wind fulfilling his command!
Mountains and all hills,
    fruit trees and all cedars!
10 Wild animals and all cattle,
    creeping things and flying birds!
11 Kings of the earth and all peoples,
    princes and all rulers of the earth!
12 Young men and women alike,
    old and young together!
13 Let them praise the name of the Lord,
    for his name alone is exalted;
    his glory is above earth and heaven.
14 He has raised up a horn for his people,
Grace and peace to you!

Grace and peace to you!



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